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Our Slow Juicing Advantage

Say goodbye to your morning coffee and start your day with fresh, healthy juice with our line of contemporary Slow Juicers. We masterfully employ cold-press, slow-squeeze technology, rather than shredding and grinding of conventional blenders, to prevent nutrient loss due to force, heat and oxidation.

Conventional juicers produce high shear forces and heat leading to oxidation, separation, loss of nutrients and flavour.  With efficiency in mind, our slow juicers operate at a fraction of the power and noise to deliver delicious juice and produces very dry pulp.

The result: higher-yield juice retaining more enzymes, nutrients and anti-oxidants preserving freshness, colour and flavour for longer with less separation. All at the touch of a button, without adding water or ice!


Conventional Juicing


Superior Juicing

How It Works

Superior Juicing Mechanism

Dual Stage Juicing

Juice is first gently extracted through crushing & squeezed in the second pressing stage, with no heat, grinding, shredding or high centrifugal forces.

The secret is in our double-angled auger precisely engineered with no sharp blades.

small auger
filter & bowl


The extracted juicy pulp is then filtered through our advanced, dual-range stainless steel filter which only lets through the liquid. The fresh juice pours into the juice jar while the fibre is channeled into the pulp pitcher.

Collect 100% pure, natural extract with higher yield, drier pulp and more nutrients than other juicers in the market. The technology minimizes oxidation & separation due to high forces and heat while maintaining freshness, colour, flavour and nutrition for longer!

Key Highlights


Quiet Efficiency

Our slow juicers are equipped with energy-efficient induction motors which generate low heat and noise for smooth operation.



A food plunger is included with a long feeding tube for safe and easy feeding.


Compact, Easy Assembly

Save counter space with our compact, easy-assembly designs. All juicers have ergonomic handles and rubber bases for convenient operation.


Built-In Safety

Our juicers have no sharp edges or blades and only operate when all parts are safely locked into place. Components are made of high quality stainless steel & BPA free plastics.


Reverse Mode

Our enhanced engineering allows easy switching into reverse flow mode as required


Easy Cleaning

Simply pour water to clean between juicing sessions and use the provided brush to clean parts thoroughly after use. Parts are also dishwasher-safe.

juice bowl

Drier Pulp

Our advanced dual-stage juicing technology extracts maximum juice & produces drier pulp, with a smart cap to prevent accidental spills.

More Juice, Healthier & Tastier

Collect 100% pure, fresh extract like you’ve never tasted before!


Enjoy modern elegance at the touch of a button.

  • Highly efficient, Power-saving 150W motor
  • Maximum 85 RPM operation with minimal noise
  • Cleaning Brush & 2 BPA-free pitchers included
  • Two colour variations: Metallic Red / Champagne Gold


Whole fruit juicer with an extra-wide feeding chute to minimize food preparation time.

  • Highly efficient, Power-saving 150W motor
  • Maximum 60 RPM operation with minimal noise
  • Cleaning Brush & 2 BPA-free pitchers included
  • Two colour variations: Metallic Red / Cool Silver

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